Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trail Report: Mount Osceola & East Osceola

June 15, 2013

A month away from Katahdin and we still haven't gotten Gary out for a 4000' hike.  We decided on Osceola because neither Gary or Tony had hiked it and I still needed to hike over to East Osceola because we didn't hike to it a year earlier.

You can read about last years Osceola hike here:

Osceola isn't a terribly difficult hike but the entire trail is rocks and I don't mean rock scramble type climbing.  Your feet and knees will take a beating on the descent.  Trekking poles are probably a good idea on the Mount Osceola Trail.

Trailhead sign

Getting ready in the parking lot
Tom, Gary, Tony

Right from the beginning the rocks start

There are almost no views from the trail.  But you do get a couple views of Waterville Valley Ski Area and Mount Tecumseh.

Waterville Valley Ski Area

Mount Tecumseh

Tony and I hiked Mount Tecumseh back in March.  You can read about that hike here: http://hikene.blogspot.com/2013/03/trail-report-mount-tecumseh.html

Gary's pack was not adjusted properly and he was having issues all day

Me taking a break

The view from the summit

Our summit brews

Mount Washington

Gary decided to stay behind on the summit of Osceola while Tom, Tony and myself made the trek over to East Osceola. The trail over to East is about 45 minutes each way, with one very steep (pretty much vertical) section called "The Chimney".

Tony with East Osceola - Our next destination

Tom and Tony checking out a steep section of trail

Looking down the chimney - It is steeper than it looks, trust me

Tony going down the chimney

Looking up at the chimney

Me @ the summit of East Osceola 4,156'

Going up the chimney on the way back to Osceola

Summit of Osceola 4,340'
Tony, Mike, Gary, Tom

Summit of Osceola: 4,340'
Summit of East Osceola:  4,156'
Total Hike Time: 
Elevation Gain:
Trails: Mount Osceola Trail

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