Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trail Report: Kinsman Pond Hike

March 23, 2013

Today was supposed to be a hike to North and South Kinsman via the Basin Cascades, Cascade Brook, Kinsman Pond and Kinsman Ridge trails.  This is a long hike, about 12 miles.  It was also the first time either of us, Tony and myself, have ever used our snowshoes.  The temps were very cold and windy and the first trail, the Kinsman Pond trail, was not entirely broken out which made the ascent much slower and longer that it should have been.  In the end we didn't make it to either summit although we probably could have made the summit of North Kinsman.  We decided to bail due to the harsh winter conditions and time.  We didn't reach Kinsman Pond until about 1pm, by the time we go to the other side of the pond is was 130pm and the cold and wind was taking it's toll on both of us.

Heading over to the Basin

Bridge to the Basin

The Basin in winter

The Basin in winter

Basin-Cascade Trailhead

Basin-Cascade trail

This frozen stream made a lot of noise when we crossed it.  I was a bit nervous crossing it.

This trail was hardly used

About an hour into the hike we decided bare-booting it was not working out so well so we put on our showshoes

Snowshoes made all the difference in this deep snow

1.5 hours into the hike we hit the cut-off for the Lonesome Lake Hut

Another frozen stream crossing

The snow was knee deep in some areas

The scenery is beautiful in winter

Kinsman Pond 3,750'

Summit of North Kinsman - So Close

Me @ Kinsman Pond

A high school hiking club was at the Kinsman Pond shelter

Fishin' Jimmy Trail

Cannon Mountain in the distance

Me with Cannon

Lonesome Lake Hut - Open in winter

Fishin' Jimmy Trail sign

Lonesome Lake Hut

Hut sign

Inside Lonesome Lake Hut

Tony @ Lonesome Lake 2,700'

 From this point on I didn't take any more photos.  It was getting to cold and we didn't want to stop walking.  We just wanted to get off the mountain and get to the Woodstock for some food and drink.  We didn't summit which is unfortunate but we still hiked a good 10 miles and saw some beautiful scenery.

I do not have all the stats or GPS track for this hike.  The track is still on my GPS unit, I will try and get it off.