Monday, December 9, 2013

Trail Report: Mount Garfield

Nov 9, 2013

It's not quite winter but the air is getting colder and the snow and ice is starting to show up on the mountains.  The temps today were about 30 degrees at the base and 19 degrees at the summit with a slight wind.  I wore a shell most of the day, at our food break I put on my winter jacket.  By the time we got half way down the mountain I was ready to remove the winter coat.  We both brought our microspikes but ended up not using them.  This was probably a mistake.  The ice near the summit was bad in a few sections.


Trailhead sign

Just like the Twins, this trail was flat for a while

As we started to ascend snow started to appear

The higher we went the bigger the ice flows were

The ice and snow covered trees are always a pretty sight

This sign doesn't actually tell you how far to the summit of Garfield but it's about 10-15 minutes from here

Me @ the summit of Mount Garfield 4,501'

Tony @ the summit of Mount Garfield 4,501'

Foundation of an old building at the summit
(old fire tower maybe?)

Very overcast today

More beautiful ice covered trees

I believe the two pointy mountains behind Tony are
Mount Flume and Mount Liberty

I'm looking at Mount Lafayette in the clouds

Nice view from the summit

Mount Lafayette in the clouds

Another nice view

 GPS Track

GPS Track

GPS Track

Summit of Mount Garfield....: 4,501'
Total hike time (round trip)..: 6h 26m
Elevation Gain......................: 3,101'
Distance (round trip)............: 10.75m
Trails: Garfield Trail and Garfield Ridge Trail