Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trail Report: North Pack Monadnock

June 9, 2013

In preparation for Mount Katahdin in July, we have been doing some smaller mountains for some of our friends that have not had much hiking experience or just haven't been on trail in a very long time.  Today's hike was a very small mountain but it still a nice hike with a pretty good view.  North Pack Monadnock 2,276'.

Anyone in decent shape (which I am not) can hike up to this summit in about 1 hour and get back down in 30 minutes.  Due to this mountain not being very far away and not very high up, it is a very popular hike, but not as popular as South Pack.

Ginny, Gary, Mike, Tony

 Trailhead sign

Older trail sign

10 minutes in and Gary needed to cool off!

Some bridges to get over the mud and water

The one and only steep section on this trail

Very slippery on these wet rocks

Ginny and Tony on the one steep section

Say hello to my little friend

First view along the trail

Close up of first view

Moving along.  This trail is not very difficult

Second view along the trail

Double blaze.  Someone at the summit told us what this meant
but I do not remember

Another steep section, but not really

Another down tree - This is a very common on trail

Almost at the summit

Mount Monadnock from the summit of North Pack 2,276'

Mike, Ginny, Gary, Tony @ the summit of North Pack Monadnock 2,276'

South Pack Monadnock

Summit brews!

Gary & Ginny on the cliff trail
South Pack in the background

GPS Track 1

GPS Track 2

Summit of North Pack Monadnock: 2,276'
Total Hike Time: 2h50m
Distance: 3.85m
Elevation Gain: 994'
Trails: Wapack Trail

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