Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trail Report: North and South Twin

October 10, 2013

A little late on my reports, this is report one of two that are way overdue.

Tony and I had been talking about the Twins for a while, it was a beautiful day so we decided to take the day off from work and hit the trail!   The temps were nice, a little cool in the morning but then it warmed up quickly.  I would certainly recommend this hike for anyone that is just starting out with the 4000 footers.  North Twin sits at 4,761' and South Twin is 4,902'.  It's a little long at almost 13 miles, but it's not very steep.  There were many stream crossings early in the hike.  No views at all along the trail and North Twin is a wooded summit.  The view just before you walk to the summit of North is spectacular, as you will see in the pictures.  South Twin is fully exposed and also has an outstanding view.

 We were the only ones hiking today

 The trail can be hard to see this time of year
with all the leaves covering it

 There were a number of high water stream crossings

 After wasting 15 minutes trying to find a way across
we ended up fording our way

 The trail never really got steep.  It was like this most
of the way up with a very gradual incline

 Tony fording another stream
I should mention the stream was ice cold

 There were only a few areas that were steep

When you first come out of the trees you are about 150' away from the summit (which is tree covered), but you get an outstanding view right before the trek over to the summit cairn.

View near the summit of North Twin

View near the summit of North Twin
 Some orange foliage

Mount Washington from North Twin

Looking over at South Twin from North Twin

The bald spot on the back of my head is getting bigger

Tony @ the official summit of North Twin 4,761'

Me @ the North Twin summit 4,761'

Spur trail sign over to South Twin

Galehead Hut

We ran into another hiker who took this picture for us
This is a view near the summit of North Twin
I believe that is Mount Lafayette behind us

Heading over to South Twin

Tony @ Summit of South Twin 4,902'

Me @ Summit of South Twin 4,902'
That is North Twin behind me

View from summit of South Twin

Looking at North Twin from summit of South Twin

Haystack, Lincoln and Lafayette
from summit of South Twin

Our ritual summit brews

Tony enjoying the view

Don't get to close to the edge

GPS Track

GPS Track

Summit of North Twin..........: 4,761'
Summit of South Twin..........: 4,902'
Total hike time (round trip)..: 8h 56m
Elevation Gain......................: 3,804'
Distance (round trip)............: 12.83m
Trails: North Twin Trail and North Twin Spur Trail

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