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Trail Report: Mount Monroe & Mount Washington

August 11, 2013

Tony and I head off to the Whites to hike the highest mountain in New England.  Today's mission is the Ammonoosuc-Jewell loop.  Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail is 3.1 miles from the parking lot to the Lake of the Clouds hut.  From the hut you can take Crawford Path over to the summit of Mount Monroe 5,371', head back to the hut and then take Crawford Path over to Mount Washington 6,288'.  From Washington we would take the Jewell Trail down 5.1m to the parking lot.

Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail is very steep but has some great water crossings and views near the top.  Jewell is a very moderate trail, not very steep at all but it is long at 5.1 mile.  Due to long breaks at the summits, hut and me still be an overweight hiker, this would be a long day and we would get down about 30 minutes before the sun went down.

Trailhead sign

Ammonoosuc Trail

Bridge crossing

Gem Pool
Not a very clear picture

Waterfall @ Gem Pool

Clearer picture of Gem Pool

The trail gets very steep and rocky right after Gem Pool

First view from Ammonoosuc Trail



More falls

...and more

Starting to gain some elevation

Lots of steep rock scrambles on this trail

Mount Washington in the clouds

Lake of the Clouds Hut @ 5,012'

Mount Monroe 5,371'

Even though it was Aug 11, it was time to put
on jackets at this elevation.  It was getting windy and cold

Mount Washington still in the clouds

Looking down at the hut on our way to the summit of Monroe

Summit of Mount Monroe 5,371'
That is Mount Washington behind us

View from summit of Monroe

View from summit of Monroe

Summit of Mount Washington
(clouds blew out)

View coming down from Monroe

On our way to Washington

Looking back at the hut and Monroe

So close, yet so far away

The ridge we crossed

Now looking down on the hut and Monroe

A long way from the hut now

Almost there!

This is NOT the official summit sign
There was a 10 minute wait to get you picture at the official summit!

 The official summit sign
It was in the low 30's at the summit - In August!!

I'm not sure what presidential this is

The trail crosses over the cog railway

Tony with a few of the presidentials

A one way trip down is $45

Left to Right
Mount Clay, Jefferson, Adams, Quincy Adams

Mount Clay

So far away - Mount Monroe

GPS Track #1

GPS Track #2

Summit of Mount Monroe: 5,371'
Summit of Mount Washington: 6,288'
Total hike time (round trip)..: 10h 38m
Elevation Gain.....................: Somewhere around 4000'
Distance (round trip)...........: 11 miles
Trails:  Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, Crawford Path, Jewell Trail

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