Monday, May 6, 2013

Trail Report: Mount Monadnock

April 13, 2013

Gary, Huck, Tom, Tony and myself went up White Dot trail on Mount Monadnock.  The weather was beautiful but the trail conditions were wet, muddy and slushy.  Traction (microspikes) were not needed but if you were not wearing winter boots you were getting wet.  We ran into dozens of people wearing sneakers! What are people thinking?

 (l-r) Tony, Gary, Tom, Huck

Trailhead sign

Beginning of White Dot

Most of the trail looked like this

Intersection where White Cross trail starts
We went up Dot and came down Cross

Gary and Huck

Starting to get some elevation

Half way to the summit

Wet rock scrambles



Gary taking a break on his phone

Still wintery conditions near the summit

More ice and snow

Tom and Tony navigating the ice covered rocks

Getting close to the summit

Ice covered rocks @ the summit

Pumpelly trail ridge line
(we hiked this trail on May 4, 2013 - trail report incoming)

Me and Tom at the summit

I didn't bring my GPS on this hike so I don't have any cool gps track pictures or statistics.

Summit of Mount Monadnock: 3,165'
Distance: 4m (estimate)
Elevation Gain: 1,800'
Trails: White Dot and White Cross

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