Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trail Report: Mount Tecumseh

March 8, 2013

Once again I'm late with this post, I'm also very busy with work so this blog entry is mostly going to be pictures today.  I guess how is that really any different than my other posts? heh.  I also have two other hikes happening in a few days so I need to get this report out.

Tony and I hiked Mount Tecumseh (4,003') or "Waterville Valley Ski Area" as most non-hikers would know this mountain as.  The temperature at the base of the mountain was 37F and no wind.  Tony left his winter coat in the car, I packed mine.  Never needed it.  I also never wore my gloves or hat until I got to the summit.  37 degrees is way to hot to be hiking.

Mount Tecumseh Trailhead Sign

Trailhead Sign #2

Once again we microspiked it to the summit, I even left my shoes in the car instead of carrying them all day.  The trail was broken out the entire way, it probably would have been a good idea to wear our shoes just to at least see how they work.  Both Tony and myself have yet to use our snowshoes.

The trail was broken the entire way

You can see Waterville Valley through the trees

Tony making his way up the trail

The Tripyramids viewed from one of the ski area trails

Mount Tecumseh Trail

Mount Tecumseh Trail

Getting close to the summit

Unknown mountain

Getting a little colder towards the summit

Tony @ the summit of Mount Tecumseh with the Tripyramids in the distance

Around 3100' the wind started to pick up but it wasn't to bad.  Once we got to the summit things changed.  The wind was so strong Tony had to hold his hat on for the picture.  The temp was in the 20's at this point but my GPS doesn't take windchill into consideration.  We took a few pictures and decided to head back below treeline for our summit brews.

Summit brews - Sam Octoberfest

GPS track

Once again, the cheap Walmart (Rayovac) batteries I have been using didn't last and I had an issue with the GPS 1/4 of a mile into the hike so I am taking the stats from other sites and hike time based off the time stamp on my pictures.

Summit of Mount Tecumseh: 4,003'
Total hike time: 4h
Distance: 5m
Elevation Gain: 2,200'
Trails: Mount Tecumseh Trail

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